Budgets and Audits

Parish councillors and the Clerk/Deputy Clerk are always happy to provide fuller details and  answer any queries. 

Annual Budget for 2020-21

The Parish Council sets its annual budget for the following financial year  (April to March)  in December.
Funds for specific projects and other expenditure are also held in an allocated reserve. 

Click here for the 2020-21 budget.


Audit for 2019-20

The Public Rights dates for when documents will be made available have been set as Monday 6th July to Friday 14th August 2020 but please be aware that the Parish Council is happy to answer parishioners questions at any time. Click here for details. The Audit process for this year is currently underway. The Internal Auditor has completed their report and the Annual Return and required accompanying documents have been submitted to the External Auditor.

Click here for the Annual Return. Click here for the accompanying documents (Bank reconciliation and Explanation of variances). Click here for the Summary statement of Receipts and Payments.

Audit 2018-19

The External Auditor has now completed their review.There were no issues raised. Parish councillors and the Clerk/Deputy Clerk are always happy to provide details and answer any queries at any time throughout the year. All documents are available for inspection -please contact the office.

The Audit Completion Certificate can be viewed below along with other audit documents






Please find below a summary of the Receipts and Payments for the 2018-19 financial year with brief notes.


Audit 2017-18

The External Auditor has now completed their review. There were no issues raised. All documents are available for inspection -please contact the office.




To External Auditor/Annual Return


Public rights notice


To External Auditor/explanation of variances


To Internal Auditor/receipts and payments summary with general notes


To Internal Auditor/Budget 2017-18


Audit 2016-17

APC 2016 - 2017 Bank Reconciliation

APC 2016 - 2017 Trusts Statement

APC 2016 - 2017 Variances

APC Note Re Audit Procedures

APC R&P 2016 - 2017 with Notes

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