Budgets and Audits

Parish councillors and the Clerk/Deputy Clerk are always happy to provide fuller details and  answer any queries. 

Annual Budget for 2021-22

The Parish Council sets its annual budget for the following financial year  (April to March)  in December.
Funds for specific projects and other expenditure are also held in an allocated reserve. 


Audit for 2020-21

The External Auditor has completed their report and no there were no matters to be raised. See all documents below.

Click here for Sections 1 & 2 of the Annual Governance & Accountability Return

Click here for Section 3 of the AGAR interim report from external

Click here for Final External Auditor Report and Certificate

Click here for notice of conclusion of audit 14oct2021

This last document is the formal notice giving details of how the public can access information. Please note that this is always available at any time from the Parish Office not just during the audit period.

Office at 6a Back Street (01462) 743706 clerk@ashwell.gov.uk

The period for the exercise of public rights (the formal period when the unaudited accounts are available for inspection) ran from Thursday 1st July until Wednesday 11th August
Click here for details of the public rights

To see the documents sent to the External Auditor, PKF Littlejohn, please click on the headings below
The Annual Return

Bank Reconciliation

Explanation of variances between the financial years 2019-20 and 2020-21

Click here for a summary of receipts & payments with general notes

Audit for 2019-20

The External Auditor raised no issues. Full documents are available for inspection -please contact the office (01462) 743706 clerk@ashwell.gov.uk
Click here for the Annual Return.

Click here for the accompanying documents (Bank reconciliation and Explanation of variances).

Click here for the Summary statement of Receipts and Payments.

Audit for 2018-19

Audit for 2017-18

Click here for the Annual Return

Click here for the External Return

Audit for 2016-17





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