Key Information

Corona virus situation.

The Parish Council's policy  continues to comply with central government rules and they are following the guidance issued by NHDC with regard to our parish premises, ie 

NHDC: All playgrounds, MUGAs, tennis courts and facilities within parks are now closed. Courts, pitches and adult gym equipment must not be used. Parks and open spaces remain open for exercise, but you must observe social distancing guidance (stay more than 2 metres from others).

At the Recreation Ground the open green space remains open but not the playground area, the pavilion or the public toilets. The Springs is open but the Parish Council urges all visitors to adhere to the social distancing rules. Particularly in good weather the area easily becomes overcrowded and if there are already a lot of visitors you may have to postpone your visit until another time. Local police are monitoring use of the site. 27th May 2020.

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