The Ashwell Village Design Statement has now been incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan.

Click here to view the Ashwell Parish Plan published in 2007.

Click here to download the Ashwell Village Design Statement
(original version published in 2000)

North Herts District Council (NHDC) is the Local Planning Authority. See for information on planning matters including the new draft District Local Plan. Local consultation on this has now ended and NHDC has submitted it to the national inspector for examination. Click here to see the Parish Council's response to NHDC in November 2016.

How the Parish Council responds to planning applications Click here for a summary of recent applications

Details of planning applications are sent from North Herts District Council (NHDC), who are the Local Planning Authority, to the Parish Council, who are a statutory consultee. Full details and plans of applications may be viewed on the NHDC website ( in their Planning section. Members of the public are encouraged to respond directly to NHDC (via their website, email or in writing). Please make sure that the Parish Council is also aware of your views so that they can take them into account when formulating their response.

If any concerns about an application are raised by a parish councillor or if the Parish Council is aware of objections from a parishioner(s), an on-site meeting of the Parish Council’s Planning Committee may be convened. See the Parish Council section for Planning Committee agendas and minutes of past meetings. For applications where the Parish Council is not aware of any significant objections, the response to the NHDC Planning Officer is usually agreed at a monthly Parish Council meeting.

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