What the Parish Council does

          • Premises management of village facilities
          • Liaison with the other authorities that have duties to provide services to the village
          • Liaison with other village organisations
          • The representation of parishioners with other authorities
          • Providing a forum for village affairs and to encourage involvement for the benefit of the whole community.

          The Parish Council welcomes volunteer input - please get in touch. 

          There are a number of active working groups that include parishioner volunteers as well as parish councillors. They meet informally to undertake various projects of benefit to the village - see minutes for details and/or come to a Council meeting. 

          If you would like to start a new group please get in touch.

          clerk@ashwell.gov.uk or speak to any parish councillor.


          The Parish Council operates according to adopted Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

          Click here for the Standing Orders

          Click here for the Financial Regulations

          Click here for the Complaints Procedure

          Click here to see the the Parish Council's Code of Conduct

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