Roles and Responsibilities of the Parish Council

  • The management of village amenities
  • Liaison with the other authorities that have duties to provide services to the village
  • Liaison with other village organisations
  • The representation of parishioners with other authorities
  • Providing a forum for village affairs and to encourage involvement for the benefit of the whole community.

At the May 2015 elections only seven candidates stood for the twelve places available on the Parish Council. The seven elected parish councillors met to discuss and agree, how best to cover its roles and responsibilities. It was agreed that, in addition to where parish councillors were willing and able to take on roles and responsibilities, volunteer input from users or other interested parties would be sought, and lines of communication set up to effectively manage these. It was noted that some of these arrangements already existed.

The Parish Council welcomes volunteer input - please get in touch.

See the parish councillors page for each individual's roles and responsibilities.

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