North Herts Council review of Ashwell conservation area

The Parish Council has been contacted by the consultant commissioned by North Herts Council (NHC) to undertake a review of the Ashwell conservation area. NHC is doing this as part of their new Local Plan. NHC will be undertaking a public consultation on their proposals; we understand this is likely to take place in May. If you have any questions in the meantime do please ask.

The consultant said:

Dear Ashwell Parish Council.

Place Services (ECC) have been commissioned by North Herts District Council to undertake a Conservation Area Appraisal for Ashwell and I am contacting you in the very early stages of the project.

This early engagement is targeted to you as representatives of the local community (although other contacts you may have, such as local history groups might be very helpful too). There will be further opportunity in the future for the whole community to comment on the draft appraisal document through public consultation, to be arranged by North Herts DC later in the project.

The appraisal of the Conservation Area will include an assessment of Ashwell's development, its character, special interest, buildings of note, distinct character areas and of course, and assessment of the boundary. At this stage we are gathering information and undertaking research. I am keen to see if you have any useful historical information, photos, or ideas on potential boundary changes (both reduction and extension), threats, problems or opportunities within Ashwell. Are there specific areas within the wider Conservation Area that require greater attention, or have a unique character? Are there any heritage issues that are important to the local community?

Please also feel free to forward on contact details of any historical societies or individuals who may have undertaken research and who could provide information. I very much look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Following this the Parish Council contacted the Museum and others in the village with known skills/interests. A working party put together a document.

Click here for the Suggested changes to the Ashwell Conservation Area sent to the consultant.

Please note that these are only suggestions, the consultant will put together a document for NHC for their public consultation later in the year.

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