Survey re Ashwell Outreach Post Office hosted by St Mary’s Church in the Parish Room

  • Since January this Post Office service has only been open for 3 hours on Monday and Wednesday, 12 noon to 3pm.
  • The Parish Council has brought the reduction in hours to the attention of our MP, Sir Oliver Heald, and he has raised the matter with the Post Office Minister. As a result of this and other representations the Post Office has agreed to re-consider the opening hours if there is sufficient evidence of local demand.
  • So please let the Parish Council know if:

o You are having to queue to be served

o Your personal circumstances mean you need the Post Office to be open on other days

o You rely on the Post Office for specific services (e.g. Pension payments or Banking)

o You live in a neighbouring village with no Post Office

o Your Post Office service need is not being totally fulfilled

  • Please email, speak to a parish councillor, and/or come to the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 20 March, 7pm at the school.


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