Ashwell Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan documents and information are available on the NHC website -see link below.


Our vision is to ensure Ashwell continues to thrive and grow as a community, whilst safeguarding the village's character. We want to ensure that growth is sustainable and the village continues to meet the needs of its people.

We want to enhance the facilities of the village to meet the challenges and changing needs of the community, to ensure that the parish remains sustainable and cohesive. Our village also needs a strong local economy and well-maintained infrastructure that supports its needs and connects the parish to the wider community.

The Plan has 10 Objectives to achieve this Vision:

  1. To encourage sustainable development that reflects the needs of the village and ensures that the community can develop and evolve in an appropriate way.
  2. To support sustainable local businesses and encourage the development of a strong local economy.
  3. To provide recreation and sporting facilities that meet the needs of the community and reflect changing requirements.
  4. To promote healthy communities.
  5. To safeguard against the loss of valued facilities and services, particularly where this would reduce the community's ability to meet its day-to-day needs.
  6. To provide high quality education facilities for local children.
  7. To ensure that the village can support the changing needs of the residents by providing improved accessibility and enhancements to key village facilities.
  8. To conserve and enhance the historic character of the village and its rural setting.
  9. To conserve and enhance the natural environment of the parish, its flora and its fauna.
  10. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable and low carbon energy technologies in new housing and infrastructure developments.


The Objectives are delivered through 20 Policies

POLICY ASH1 Sets specific criteria for the Location of development

POLICY ASH2 Prioritises smaller, affordable, dwellings for the Housing mix

POLICY ASH3 Seeks to preserve and complement the special features of the Conservation area in the Character of development

POLICY ASH4 Sets expected standards for the Design of development

POLICY ASH5 Sets standards designed to manage any Flood risk

POLICY ASH6 Advances the concept of best practice for Environmentally sustainable design

POLICY ASH7 Seeks to ensure that development Protects historic assets

POLICY ASH8 Seeks to protect the rural character and Locally significant views

POLICY ASH9 Sets development criteria designed to protect Natural landscape and rural character

POLICY ASH10 Requires Planning applications to respect Natural wildlife assets, wildlife corridors and green infrastructure

POLICY ASH11 Defines The Foresters’ Allotments as a Local Green Space

POLICY ASH12 Encourages local employment via Incubator/flexible start-up business space

POLICY ASH13 Sets expected standards for Broadband provision

POLICY ASH14 Seeks to preserve current retail services as long as viable in Ashwell village centre

POLICY ASH15 Seeks to ensure development enhances the Provision of leisure and recreation facilities

POLICY ASH16 Seeks the Protection of public houses

POLICY ASH17 Requires proposals that enhance or maintain existing health services

POLICY ASH18 Requires Planning applications to provide solutions to their impact on Education provision

POLICY ASH19 The ANP expects developments to provide footways that link with the existing network of bridleways and footpaths - Accessible paths in the village and rural areas

POLICY ASH20 Requires Planning applications that do not create more demand for on-street car parking - Residential and public car parking.




If you have any questions please do contact the PC Clerk or any Parish Councillor.


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