Pre-applications that the Parish Council is currently aware of - updated 15 December 2022

Note: A​pplicants may seek to communicate with the Local Planning Authority (NHC) prior to submitting a planning application. Parish councils are sometimes made aware/asked to be involved at this stage. For larger developments the guidelines are that applicants should undertake some community engagement.


L​and at Hunts Close (North of Ashwell Street between the Ruddery and Lucas Lane)

A​ planning application has now been submitted to the Local Planning Authority, NHC, by Manor Oak Homes.

put the reference no, 22/03094/FP into the search box using the link below)

The Parish Council has received a formal consultation and will be agreeing its response to NHC following an on-site meeting on Saturday 07 January at 10am.

The applicant has also been invited to attend both that meeting and the January 2023 council meeting (postponed from December).

There will be an opportunity for the public to speak at both these meetings.
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Details of a previous planning application that was refused by NHC in 2020 can be seen on their website (

L​and at Dixies Meadow (High Street)

The Parish Council was approached in late October by Jarvis Homes Ltd, acting on behalf of the landowners, to attend the November meeting to give a presentation on plans being prepared prior to making a formal application to North Herts Council for development on this site. The Parish Council advised Jarvis Homes that we would be pleased to receive information so that we could then publicize this to parishioners but that we would not be entering into any discussion or expressing any opinions at this pre-application stage. As with any potential development of this nature what an applicant might subsequently propose in their formal planning application submission to NHC could change substantially. The Parish Council would wait to receive the formal consultation from NHC and listen to the views of parishioners before agreeing its own response.

Click here to see the design concept as presented by Jarvis Homes Ltd for 12 houses.

Click here to see the minutes of the November Parish Council meeting (item 51.1) for some further information


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