The Parish Council has been made aware of the following sites that have been the subject of discussions between a developer and NHDC Planning Officers prior to the submission of a planning application.

Land between Lucas Lane and Ashwell Street 

(including the field off The Ruddery known as Hunts Close) 

The Parish Council received outline, preliminary information at the September 2019 Council meeting. The developer also held a public exhibition on Wednesday 16th October in the Parish Room and sent out a consultation to local residents

The Parish Council has now received further information from Manor Oak Homes (20/01/2020).

'I am pleased to say we received some useful feedback from residents, some of which has been incorporated into the scheme such as the request for bungalows (there are now three included in the scheme) and increasing the number of parking spaces to include visitor parking.

Aside from these minor changes, the scheme remains much as it was when it was presented to you at the consultation event.

We are now ready to submit our planning application, so I would expect North Hertfordshire DC to consult you on the application within the next few weeks.'

When the PC receives the formal consultation from NHDC they will be convening a Planning Committee meeting on site, and open to the public, to agree their response.

Land at Donkey Meadow to the rear of the High Street

The Parish Council received information at the February Council meeting from Barker Parry Town Planning acting as the agent for a developer. Barker Parry held a public exhibition at the school on Saturday 16th February, 11.30 -3.00, as part of the pre-application process required by the planning authority. Click here for details.

Extract draft minutes of the February Council meeting:

Briefing from Gae Parry, Barker Parry Town Planning, acting as agent for Extra-Care Retirement Housing re the proposed development on land at Donkey Meadow to the rear of the High Street. This prior to the public exhibition they had scheduled for Saturday 16th February from 11.30am to 3.00pm at the School. The Chairman welcomed Ms Parry and reiterated that parish councillors would be pleased to receive information but at this pre-application stage the Parish Council would not be expressing any specific opinion on the draft plans. Ms Parry explained that her client’s proposals for sheltered housing suitable for the elderly would meet the need demonstrated by surveys carried out as part of the Ashwell Neighbourhood Plan. The draft proposals were for 40 units mostly of flats with some 2-bedroom cottages, all for private purchase. The site, close to the village shops and services, was considered to be ideal. Current drafts for the proposed layout were designed to retain the openness of the field at the front alongside the High Street. Comments on whether this area should be kept completely open or part used for community purposes, eg a village car park, would be welcomed as would the public’s views on other aspects of the scheme.


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