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NHDC Case Ref No: 16/01797/1. Land rear of 4-14, Claybush Road.

Full Planning Permission: 30 dwellings together with associated access, parking, amenity and open space (site layout amended by amended plans received 29/01/17, 23/03/17 and 22/08/17).

Applicant: Croudace Homes.

The Claybush Hill application was considered by the NHDC Planning Control Committee on Thursday 19th September. A representative of the Parish Council spoke in objection to the application. Our District Councillor Tom Tyson spoke in support of local residents who had objected to the application.

The Committee voted in favour of permission being GRANTED but with conditions including re the provision of pedestrian access safe for all users.

See below the NHDC  Decision Notice. Full details of the application can be found on their website. See here


The NHDC Committee minutes, and an audio recording of the meeting, will also be published on their website. See here

See below the full consultation response made to the Planning Officer by the Parish Council in 2016.





Also the summary statement sent to all households in Ashwell in response to the Local Plan consultation that included the site. 


NHDC Case Ref. 19/01377/FP. Townsend House, 24 Lucas Lane. 

Consultation on new application. Planning permission was granted by NHDC in 2018  for four houses on this site (Case Ref 17/01897/1). 

This application is a variation of the previous application.

The NHDC Planning Officer's summary of the variations are:

  • Double gable end rear elevations
  • New windows in the side elevations
  • The height of the dwellings are approximately 0.5 metres lower
  • The footprint are similar to original approval.
  • The removal and replacement of the front hedgerow

The Parish Council discussed the variations at its July Council meeting and has responded to the NHDC Planning Officer accordingly:

Extract from minutes:

The following objections were made: (a) New windows in the side elevations were not of frosted glass and overlooked the neighbours. (b) The new buildings would be spaced 900mm from the boundary of 32 Lucas Lane; it was understood that the distance should be at least 1 metre. (c) The design of the existing streetlight should be retained. It was noted that if the bank and hedge were retained, removal and replacement would probably be unnecessary. (d) Adequate storage for waste and recycling bins should be provided to discourage residents from leaving them on the footway. (e) The hedge, and the bank on which it grew, should be retained as it is. It was of aesthetic and ecological value and provided a practical high barrier to the adjacent Recreation Ground and cricket pitch. The proposal to cut access paths through it should be rejected.

It was noted that permission for the previous application had included:

Report by the NHDC Planning Officer;

‘4.3.14 …The existing hedgerow is a fine specimen and well established therefore I have recommended a number of conditions to protect the hedgerow during and following construction of the dwellings if permission is granted.’

‘4.3.16 I have recommended a number of conditions which include the submission of a full landscaping management plan and conditions to protect the tree and hedgerows during construction and for the life time of the development.’

NHDC Decision notice January 2018.

‘Condition 5. The trees and hedgerows to be retained on the application site shall never be

felled, lopped, topped, uprooted, removed or otherwise destroyed or killed, without

the prior written agreement of the Local Planning Authority.’

‘Reason: To safeguard and enhance the appearance of the completed

development and the visual amenity of the locality.’

‘Condition 6. A detailed site specific Arboricultural Method Statement regarding protection of the

existing hedgerows and tree on the site, shall be submitted to and approved…’

‘Reason: In order to safeguard the existing tree and hedgerows on the site and, in

order that the agreed works are undertaken by a suitably qualified contractor.’

A proposal was made including, (i) the Parish Council’s objections to the previous planning application were still valid and should be reiterated to the Planning Officer, (ii) the objections of parishioners to the amendments proposed in this application should be supported and forwarded to the Planning Officer, (iii) a recommendation be made to the Planning Officer that the application be refused on the additional grounds that removal of the existing hedge, or any access paths through it, was contrary to national and district policy; retention had clearly been a key factor in the granting of the previous permission and the conditions imposed. 

NHDC Case Ref. 19/00455/FP Land at the junction of Ashwell Street and Station Road.

Full Planning Permission: Erection of 9 (6 No. Three Bedroom, 3 No. Four bedroom) dwellings with associated parking, amenity space and associated ancillary works, following demolition of existing redundant structures. Creation of new access from Station Road.

The NHDC Planning Officer has consulted the Parish Council, and local residents who have previously responded, on some variations to the application. 

The NHDC Planning Officer's summary  of the variations are:

  •   Three of the dwellings (Plots 1, 3 and 9) have been removed from the RPA’s of their nearest respective trees. The layout and design of the Plot 1 dwelling has been switched/reversed so that the driveway and garage are on the other side of that plot.
  • Two of the dwellings have been joined to form a pair of semis.
  • The turning head in front of Plot 2 has been reduced.
  • Parking and turning space for some of the dwellings have been increased to meet minimum standards of 2 spaces per dwelling.
  • The Plot 1, 2, 8 and 9 dwellings will be completely rendered.
  • A 1.8m high fence and hedge to the boundary with No. 54 Station Road to provide privacy and additional wildlife habitats, and also on the south boundary of the site.
  • More planting is shown within the site, primarily in the front gardens of the dwellings.

  • The Parish Council discussed the variations at its July Council meeting and  has responded  to the NHDC Planning Officer accordingly:

    Extract from minutes: 

    No adverse comments were made by parish councillors with regard to the details of the proposed amendments. The view was expressed that the amended layout would potentially be of benefit to the trees for which the Parish Council had requested Tree Preservation Orders. 

    A proposal was made to include, (i) the Parish Council’s objections to the previous planning application were still valid and should be reiterated to the Planning Officer, (ii) the Parish Council’s previous request, should the application be granted permission, for additional footway along the boundary to link the site to the existing footway system and provide safe pedestrian access to the village centre should be reiterated, (iii) should the application be granted permission, Permitted Development Rights should be withdrawn to retain the size of the dwellings and prevent adverse impact on neighbours.


    The Parish Council's Planning Committee met on site to discuss its response on Wednesday 3rd April at 7.15pm. 

    See below for the response sent to the planning officer. 


    Click here for the response sent to the planning officer for the previous application that was withdrawn.

    See below  selected documents from the application. The full set submitted by the applicant can be seen on the NHDC website 





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