Ashwell's Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council’s team who have been working on creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Village for the last 5 years have now reached a milestone where the Village and a group of Statutory Consultees nominated by NHDC are being consulted on the draft Plan. This is in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2015.

  • The Consultation period runs from 6 July to 30 August 2020.
  • To take part in the online Consultation click on the link: The public consultation is now complete
  • You can access the offline Questionnaire here click on the link: Download Questionnaire
  • To access the main document in the draft Neighbourhood Plan click on the linkAshwell draft Neighbourhood Plan
  • To access the Appendices that support the draft Neighbourhood Plan click on the following links:

Appendix A: Neighbourhood Area Profile

Appendix B: Nationally Listed Assets

Appendix C: List of Buildings & Antiquities

Appendix D: Local Green Spaces

Appendix E: Village Design Statement revisions

Ashwell Design Statement (published in 2000)

Sustainability Statement


  • To access relevant Supporting Evidence click on the relevant links listed in the Ashwell draft (click on following link) Neighbourhood Plan para 16.2 which has a full list of supporting documents.
  • Documents from previous consultations referred to in para 16.1 of the draft can be accessed by clicking here

To access all documents, including the Consultation Questionnaire, click on the following link:  Draft Neighbourhood Plan Documents

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