Update following the January Parish Council meeting

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Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband for Ashwell -New telegraph pole issues

Following contact from local residents the Parish Council has intervened to stop new
Telegraph poles intruding on views of St Mary’s Church. On Thursday 12th
January it was noticed that the Voneus fibre broadband contractor was about to
site a new Telegraph pole near the Lych Gate in Mill Street. The Parish Council
intervened as this would have been extremely damaging to the visual character
of the scene close to the Church. It has now been agreed that the cabling will
be laid under the road instead, resulting in a period of road closure. Later
the same day the Voneus contractor installed a new pole further down Mill St
opposite Rollys Lane. For the same reasons we have objected, and asked that the
pole be removed and replaced by under road cabling. Despite some resistance
Voneus have agreed to pursue a road closure application so that the any
detraction of the beautiful views of St Marys can be avoided. We apologise for
any inconvenience that Mill St road closure will cause but feel sure that you
will understand the reason. We will notify you when we are given a date for the