Planning application for Hunts Close (land between the Ruddery and Lucas Lane)

A​ planning application has now been submitted to the Local Planning Authority, NHC, by Manor Oak Homes.

Land Between Hunts Ridge and Ashwell House, no.5 High Street

NHC ref. 22/03094/FP

Full Planning Permission: Erection of 14 dwellings including creation of access from Ashwell Street, footpath link to Lucas Lane, associated infrastructure, public open space and landscaping.

(to see the details put the reference no, 22/03094/FP into the planning search box on the NHC website using the link below)

The Parish Council has received a formal consultation and will be agreeing its response to NHC following an on-site meeting on Saturday 07 January at 10am.

The applicant has also been invited to attend both that meeting and the January 2023 council meeting (postponed from December).

There will be an opportunity for the public to speak at both these meetings.