January Parish Council meeting Wed 04 at 7pm ALL WELCOME

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The meeting will be held in the Parish Room and also available on Zoom


Meeting ID: 823 2148 9622

Passcode: 445519

Re agenda item January council 67.1 Land north of Ashwell Street (between the Ruddery and Lucas Lane). A planning application has now been submitted to NHC. The Parish Council has invited the applicant to give a short presentation at the January council meeting and will also will be holding an on-site Planning Committee meeting on Saturday 07January at 10am to consider its response. 

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R​e agenda item January council 67.4.2 Consultation on new ward boundaries.

P​LEASE RESPOND BY Monday 09 January

T​his would have a significant effect on voting in Ashwell

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H​appy Christmas/New Year from all at Ashwell Parish Council