Ashwell Show - representatives of the Ashwell Show attended the September Parish Council meeting and all involved were commended on the record event.
'Two representatives of the organisers wished it to be publicly noted that it had been ‘a record year with record attendance’ and to voice appreciation to all who helped and all who attended. Over 5,000 people had visited the show and the Sunday evening pre-event aimed at local residents had also been popular with a great atmosphere. The figures were yet to be finalized but the funds raised had been another record. The funds distribution sub-committee was due to meet shortly and details of how local organisations could apply were to be publicized. The Parish Council agreed to assist with this. Any feedback on any aspect of the Show was always welcomed.'

A note from the £s distribution team

Where does all the Money Go? A Note from the Distributions Team

Over the last ten years, the Show has raised more than £100,000 for local clubs, societies and organisations.It was a busy show this year, which means we will have healthy funds to distribute to the community.


Past beneficiaries have included the Ashwell Accies, Brownies, Ashwell’s Fight Against Cancer, The Ashwell Museum, Ashwell School/PTA, Ashwell Theatre Club and Ashwell URC.

If your local organisation would like to apply for a distribution from the 2022 show please contact us by Tuesday 18 October 2022 at the very latest with details of your application for funds by contacting the following email


Top tips for a successful distribution request:

  • Provide a short summary about your organisation, including what they do and how many people in the Ashwell area they impact.
  • A request to the show to fund a specific piece of equipment or specific purpose is much more likely to be awarded rather than a request for a donation to general funds.
  • If possible request funding for 2 or 3 different priced things for the show committee to consider. You never know we might make a distribution to cover more than one of them!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for funding for something significant. We will consider part-funding your projects.


Applications will be reviewed on Wednesday 19 October, and final decisions on fund distributions will be made by the end of November with successful applicants notified at this point.




We welcome your useful feedback about the 2022 show, including the show day itself and the pre-show Sunday evening event.Please let us know what we did right, and what could be improved on for next year’s show by emailing us at ashwellshowfeedback@gmail.comConstructive ideas and suggestions for improvement only please!