Safer routes to the station for pedestrians and cyclists


Improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the station has been a long-term aim of the Parish Council. Parishioner Guy Reed, who has done the liaison with the NHC and HCC Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan group, gave an update on recent significant achievements at the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 23rd March. He reported that achieving priority listing by the NHC and HCC group had been a big step forward. The project was now very much in the hands of the Cambridgeshire landowner to progress it further. The landowner, Jeremy Fordham, has been in communication with the Parish Council over some years and has offered some land for an improved route. He is keen to combine this with his other proposals including parking at the station.

Although there are still issues to be resolved, particularly funding, it is now much closer to being achieved. Ashwell is classified as a ‘sustainable’ village and supporters have expressed the view that this that would be a ‘perfect integrated solution’ not only for commuters but for school children, students, visitors to the village, etc.

Click here to see the two possible routes put forward by the landowner







30th March 2022



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