New application for a 5G Telecoms Mast opposite 41 Ashwell Street

The Parish Council has responded to the NHC Planning Officer

'that the objections expressed previously remained, ie adverse visual impact on a Conservation Area and highways safety concerns.

A proposal was made to echo the reasons given by NHC in their refusal of the previous objection, ie ‘By reason of its siting and appearance, the proposed telecommunications apparatus would have a visually harmful effect on designated heritage assets and the character and appearance of the area. Furthermore, the development would harm the safe operation of the public highway by reason of its siting.’

and has also added that

  • Highways objected to the previous application at the same location. There are no material changes in this application other than the height being reduced from 18metres to 15metres.
  • There are now increased safety issues resulting from residents now living on the new Claybush Development site resulting in significant increased pedestrian traffic, including children crossing the road to the school at that junction.
  • Full details of the application are on the NHC website

    Please make your comments known to NHC
    they have advised that comments will be accepted up until 27 June by using the email address

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