Covid vaccination update as at 15th March 2021


Second dose appointments will soon be arranged by the Surgery for vaccination at the Letchworth centre near Sainsburys.

People over 55 are also being invited by letter by NHS England to book appointments using the national website ( If you are over 55 years old and have not yet received a vaccination invitation please use the national website to book one.


For the second dose of the Covid vaccination patients will be informed of their appointment by letter or telephone. Please note the following:

  • Patients who did not have their first dose of vaccination at the Letchworth site they cannot have it at Letchworth and will not be contacted by the Surgery.
  • Those receiving an appointment cannot alter or amend it other than in the most extreme circumstance. Please, therefore, do not contact the surgery to request to reschedule your appointment for any other reason.
  • Second dose appointments will be scheduled 77-84 days after your first dose.’



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