Community Land Trust set up by the Parish Council

Objective: To establish a structure that would have the power to bid for any land put up for sale for the benefit of the community subject to consultation with the village and being able to raise the funds. 'Community benefit' might mean affordable housing or preservation of green space or provision of a retail outlet etc

30 November 2022

Following the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approval to register Ashwell Community Land Trust Ltd as a Community Benefit Society (CBS) a meeting of the founder directors took place on 16th November to consider the next steps.
Click here to see the minutes of that meeting.

Regular updates are being given at the monthly Parish Council meetings and there will be further publicity ongoing as information becomes available.
Click here to see the further information that was included as a flier distributed with the Yearbook. A Members meeting is to be scheduled in May.

Ashwell residents will be able to become Members of the CBS and the overall aim will be to acquire land in Ashwell for the benefit of the community. Whether that land will be preserved as Green Space, Sport facilities or used to build houses or structures for the specific benefit of Ashwell residents will be for the Village to determine. If you have an interest in becoming a member please contact the Parish Council for more information.




C​lick here to see the rules of Ashwell CLT Ltd

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