Ashwell Community Land Trust/Community Benefit Society -A founder Member Director is being sought.

Objective: To establish a structure that would have the power to bid for any land put up for sale for the benefit of the community subject to consultation with the village and being able to raise the funds. 'Community benefit' might mean affordable housing or preservation of green space or provision of a retail outlet etc

Extract June Parish Council minutes;

  • 16.4.2 The application for review by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the list of objects (that define the purpose of the CLT) had been drafted. To meet the FCA requirements there need to be three individuals appointed as Member directors. It was proposed that two of these be parish councillors (the Chairman and Vice-chairman) and one an independent.
  • Applicants from Ashwell Residents are invited for the 3rd Founder Member. The criteria for a Member are simply that the applicant is over 18 years old and an Ashwell resident. However, given the nature of the legal process to set up the CLT to acquire land and other assets for the benefit of the Ashwell community, the individual would most likely have relevant skills – such as legal, financial, land management or administrative experience.

    Applicants – please contact the Parish Office

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