Ashwell Parish Church

St Mary the Virgin

Our beautiful Parish Church of St. Mary’s, in terms of restoration, is a bit like the Forth Bridge. When you think you have finished repairs, you have to start again.

This year repairs have been relatively light and we have been able to do some improvements, including new lights to the path. We are aware that at sometime in the near future we face perhaps the biggest challenge in a long time, with repairs to the tower. This, we believe, could cost in excess of one million pounds and we have started to collect information on how we might

fund it.

One of the important things we will need to show, and I think we can, is how much of a community building our Church is. So, it is important that we continue to use it on as many occasions as possible. This year we were very pleased to host amongst other organisations, the Horticultural Society, a number of concerts and the Brownies and Scouts.

All the regular events in our Church year went very well and in addition to these we had a wonderful quilt festival and a quiz night.

As with all village organisations, we are completely dependent on our volunteers and I would like to thank them all for their support in the last year.


Rev'd Robert Evens
109 High Street 
01462 742277

Lay Reader
Mark Eaton
01462 743451

Parish Office at St Mary's
Open Monday-Friday 9:30am - 11:30am
01462 742601

David Richards
01462 742434

Gaye Rowlands
01462 742758

Minutes Secretary to the Parochial Church Council
Bernard Allen c/o Parish Office

Treasurer to the Parochial Church Council
Mark Eaton
01462 743451

Friends of St Mary's Church Ashwell
Chair: Stephen ten Hove
01462 742262

Director of Music
Judith Catterick
01462 742635

Church Room Bookings
Parish Office
01462 742601

Flower Arranging
Liz Moynihan
01462 742363

John Rowlands
01462 742758

Ken Rook
01462 685860

Stuart Greenbank
01462 743987

Steve White
01462 834244

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