Dr Martin's Jottings

By Dr Martin Hoffman (Vice Chairman)

From the Ashwell Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 5th September 2018

(for full minutes see under Parish Council/Meetings)

I have only highlighted a couple of items as the rest of this month’s meeting makes “easy reading” online or the noticeboard!

The Taxibus service to the station appears to be under threat in that Landmark, who supply the service, have given three months’ notice to HCC. The service has been on the “at risk” service for HCC support funding for some time as information supplied to our County Councillor (Steve Jarvis) has indicated the usage “averaging a passenger occupancy per journey of only 1-2” based on tickets sold. Some of the parish councillors who use this service on an irregular basis indicated actual tickets only seem to be supplied to those that bought them on a weekly basis!

The Rail User Group have been contacted, and all efforts will be made to continue this vital service.

Chaos continues with the waste/recycling services (“services” using NHDC’s title!).

Please continue to notify NHDC with problems.

Apparently the dimensions of the vehicles are also causing a problem. Photographic evidence was provided by a parishioner of the potential hazard to pedestrians. Also, at least one incident has occurred where the external hydraulics were ripped from the vehicle by vegetation so access to certain locations is now being restricted with a knock-on impact on the service. The contractor was also criticized for the employment conditions believed to apply to their operatives. Emails sent by the Parish Council to the District Councillor and relevant NHDC officers remain unanswered so it was agreed to write again with copies to the leader of the Council and the CEO of NHDC.

There are a number of Highways Issues including continuing discussion on the A505 improvements. Proposals for roundabouts at both Slip End (to which the PC strongly objected because of the width of the approach road and the likelihood of setting up a “rat run”), and Odsey junctions have been amended to retain only the latter.

On their provisional financial list for activities to take place next year Herts Highways have included so far a 20 mph limit, yellow lines, time restricted parking spaces outside retail outlets, and repairs to some parts of Gardiners Lane and Loves Lane.

Further discussions continue with Highways regarding safety concerns at the rear entrance to the school in Ashwell Street and the narrow footway on the bend between West End and Partridge Hill.

There has been a third incident of large chunks of bread being distributed over wide areas of the Cemetery including graves. If anyone has any information on this please let Cllr Madeleine Legg or the Council office know. This is attracting vermin and we want to try and prevent a recurrence.

Best wishes

Dr Martin G Hoffman



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