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The History of Ashwell

Medieval times to Present Day
Anglo-Saxon to Medieval times
Prehistoric to Roman Times

Prehistoric to Roman Times

People have lived in Ashwell since the Stone Age leaving behind them artefacts and evidence in the landscape.  Ashwell Village Museum has objects from all periods from the Stone Age to the present day.

Arbury Banks

It is in the Bronze Age that we first find evidence in the landscape.  Aerial photographs show many Bronze Age burial barrows besides the one called Highley Hill, the only one which has not been ploughed out.  Arbury Banks, a hill fort covering over 12 acres, was probably started in the Bronze Age before becoming the major site of the Iron Age in Ashwell.  Once the Romans had settled in Britain in the first century AD fortifications like Arbury Banks were not needed and the site was abandoned.  It appears that what is now the parish of Ashwell became a farming community based on the Roman town where Baldock is today.  One such farm seems to be based on the building in what is now Pricems Field.

An artists impression of the villa in Pricems Field.